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Protect your thighs with the EMAIRS - THIGH GUARDS SET, designed specifically for cricket players. The set includes two guards, one for each leg, made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum protection. The guards are lightweight and comfortable, allowing for ease of movement during play. With the EMAIRS - THIGH GUARDS SET, you can play with confidence, knowing that your thighs are well-protected. Available now at EMAIRS Sports USA.

Pre-order now, Expected to ship by the end of April 2024 EMAIRS SPORTS USA



    THRILLED -Adult RH 
    THRILLED -Adult    LH


    GALLANT     - Adult RH 
    GALLANT     - Adult LH 


    DENUK-VIP - Adult RH
    DENUK-VIP - Adult LH    


    JU-VIP - Junior RH
    JU-VIP - Junior LH


    JU-MA3X - Junior RH
    JU-MA3X - Junior LH

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